Which Air Conditioning System is Right for You

As temperatures outside rise, you want to make sure you are ready for the heat of summer. There are many types of air conditioning systems, and you may have a hard time deciding which system best suits your needs while saving you money.

For some applications, a smaller ductless air conditioning system, like window units or small portable units, may be fine. These systems are cheap and easy to install. They provide quick relief from the heat of summer wherever you need it. The portable units can even be moved around your home to provide cool air where you are. There are also split systems that have components that are installed inside and outside your home.

Here in North Carolina, summer is serious business. A centralized air conditioning system is probably going to be the most energy-efficient system that provides the cooling you need throughout your home. Centralized air conditioning systems use ductwork to deliver chilled air throughout your home. The cost of these systems can vary widely, depending on the exact unit you select and whether you have preexisting ductwork that can be used and the hourly cost of your laborers.

It is also essential that your home is matched with the appropriate air conditioning unit. If you have a unit that is too small for the job, it will run all the time, costing you more money, and you probably won’t get the cooling you desire. If the unit is too large for the job, it will switch on and off more frequently, which wastes energy and increases your electric bill.

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