When it comes to air conditioning repairs, the same issues tend to come up repeatedly. Here is a breakdown of some of the common air conditioning problems that homeowners face:

Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Repair

  • Air Conditioning RepairAir conditioning isn’t cooling enough – If this is your problem, check to make sure nothing is blocking or limiting the airflow. This could also be caused by a kinked refrigerant line, a dirty condensate drain, or a dirty evaporator. Or it could just be that your air conditioning unit is too small for your house, in which case, it might be time for an upgrade.
  • Air conditioning isn’t cooling at all – This issue could also be caused by a dirty evaporator or a dirty condenser, or even a blocked condenser. However, it could be also caused by a faulty compressor or not having enough refrigerant in the system.
  • Outside fan isn’t working – This often happens when the contactor goes bad. The contactor is the switch that electricity flows in and out of to control the compressor and condenser fan motor.
  • Outside unit (condenser) isn’t working – This could be due to a faulty thermostat, a lack of power, a faulty motor, or a faulty compressor.
  • Coil is frozen – A frozen coil could be caused by a dirty air filter or other airflow restriction, or possibly even low refrigerant.

If you’re confident in your handyman skills, you might be able to tackle some of these air conditioning repair issues on your own. However, if you’re uncertain how to diagnose or fix the problem, always call a professional.