BoilersWhen it comes to heating, furnaces tend to be the popular choice because they initially cost less to install; however, cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and boilers offer many advantages. Here are just three benefits of boilers:

  • Consistent and Even Heating- Boilers use hot water or steam to heat your house. The hot water or steam is pumped throughout your house, via small pipes, to radiators, where it then gently diffuses into the room. The heat created from boilers produces a more even and consistent heat, with less variance in temperature compared to furnaces
  • Better Air Quality- Because boilers don’t use warm air to heat your house, they also don’t spread dust and allergens throughout your home the way furnaces do. Boilers contribute to a better indoor environment, and they don’t dry out the air, keeping you more comfortable in the winter time. Plus, no air blowing about your home means there aren’t any drafts in your home, either!
  • Quiet- Boilers are much quieter than furnaces. With boilers, there’s no air blowing around, and they are often so quiet, you can’t even tell when they are on.

In summary, boilers offer you a quiet, steady, consistent, and draft-free form of heat that does not spread dust or allergens throughout your house. Boilers do not dry out the air in your house, and they help create a more comfortable and cozy indoor environment. On top of all these great benefits, boilers are often more energy-efficient than furnaces, and they tend to be fairly low maintenance. So, next time you are looking into heating systems, don’t overlook boilers!