3 Reasons to Cheer for Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance: it isn’t something that often comes up on a “honey-do” list, yet the rewards are well worth the attention.  Tasks like mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, or sweeping the floor may seem to get more notice in our list of things to do as homeowners due to their obvious repetitive need on a frequent basis.  However, things pertaining to your air conditioning unit tend to build up more slowly, and thus the onset of problems might not be as noticeable until one day you find your bill has increased and your cool airflow has decreased.  Air conditioning maintenance is a simple preventative step to those problems, which can leave you cheering!  Here are 3 great reasons to not forego your regular air conditioning maintenance:

  1. It saves you money!  When your system is checked out and cleaned up, the pathway and process for the air to flow is easier, saving energy, and thus decreasing your energy bill.  You’ll be cheering as you save that extra money in your pocket each month.
  2. It cools you down! Just like a well-oiled machine can better do its job, a regularly maintained AC system can better do its own work —keeping you cooler when the heat outside is notched up.  You’ll notice an uptick in flow of cool air blowing your way, and we all know that is a welcomed friend on hot days.  No need to sit on top of the vent to know if any cool air is coming out.  Your home will get cooler, quicker.
  3. It increases the life of your system! And that saves you even more money in the long run.  It’s no secret that taking good care of things helps them last longer, and just like your car needs a regular check up to keep things running smoothly and avoid costly repairs later, so does your AC unit.  Keep it running well, and longer, by keeping it well maintained.

Each of these things gives us and our homeowners reasons to cheer for air conditioning maintenance!  At Comfort Design Heating & Cooling Systems, we have a team ready to come help keep you cool and happy and more confident that your unit will function great at the start of the next year.  So give a hip-hip-hooray, and schedule your air conditioning maintenance check-up today.